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About Me

My Approach

I help people discover new possibilities so that they can love their lives.

How do I do this? The short answer is by asking questions and using my training & years of knowledge to work with you to identify where you are in your life, clarify where you want to go from here and determine your goals.

If you are unsure if coaching is right for you, I am happy to answer any of your questions. I am currently offering a FREE one-hour strategy session that may interest you, or you can email me.

My Story

I married at eighteen and had two children by the time I was twenty-one. My parents divorced shortly before my wedding. My husband was an alcoholic and after much soul-searching I left with a two year old and a four year old. I was devastated that I was causing pain for my children in the same way my parents had done to me.

This was a very difficult time as you can imagine and I became very depressed but did not tell anyone. I cared for my kids, worked and slept. My family and friends thought I was coping. I was ashamed that I had brought grief to my children, I also believed that there was no help for me and that I’d never be happy again. Eventually after maybe two years, I began to feel hope and was able to start living my life again and really love and care for my children. In hindsight I wish I had confided in someone, sought help and recovered more quickly.

I developed a “radar” for hurting women and began collecting them. I soon discovered I was overwhelmed and unequipped to help beyond caring. That began my ongoing education and training. Now I love inspiring and instructing women and men who are wanting more from themselves, their relationships, their careers and life in general. I want them to find passion and joy – to love their lives.

I have been coaching people for over twenty years as they faced difficult situations in their lives - divorce, unhappy relationships, grief, loss of health and disappointment. I have trained as a Strategic Intervention Coach with Robbins Madonnes, a Certified High Performance Coach with Brendon Burchard and a Relationship Coach with RCI - Relationship Coaching Institute. I love their emphasis on the present and the future, taking control of your situation and creating the life of your dreams. The past is acknowledged but not focused on.

Remarried now, my husband and I celebrated our 36th anniversary recently. We have four grown children and seven grandchildren. Life is good.


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