"Kiss No Frogs"

Conscious Dating Groups Starting Soon!


Are you seeking a fulfilling life partnership? 


Conscious Dating is a two-part program consisting of eight weeks of readiness and four weeks of attraction. This program will help you make conscious, wise and effective relationship choices. You will learn more about who you really are and how to get what you want in your life. You will learn the information, skills and attitudes necessary to be successful. You will know how to make life and relationship choices in alignment with what you want, mindful of the long-term consequences of your choices. You will become “The Chooser” and not settle for less than you really want.


There will be exercises assigned each week – you can share at your comfort level with the group. One-to-one training is also available with the option to join the private Facebook group for discussions - may be done anonymously if preferred. All members will agree to confidentiality, non-judgement and kindness. We will meet on Zoom once a week. Groups will be no more than six members.

Join us to discover your potential in life & love!

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